Sunday, June 24, 2012

do you speak Japanese?

日本語がわかりますか? 日本はとてもすごいです!

It may not be Japan, but EPCOT in Walt Disney World is the closest I've been to, "the land of the rising sun." Anime is what originally kindled my interest in Japan but I've found so many other aspects of the culture that I like. Though sushi may not suit my palate, I'm confident that the country has plenty of other culinary specialties with which to delight me. The indigenous religion of Japan, Shinto, is a fascinating theology and its influence can even be found in pop culture. Traditional clothing is wonderfully intricate and I've endeavored to collect every piece (of which there are many) needed to wear a proper kimono.

Japanese is a unique language, having no known relation to any other language families. Despite dedicating two years to the study of Japanese, I can only read and write at a kindergarten level. Learning three entirely new alphabets, one of which consists of thousands of characters, is a challenge I will continue to happily face until I become fluent in my most cherished of languages.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rapunzel no more

Multiple people have called me Rapunzel over the years because of my long, (dark) blonde hair. On Thursday, I spent nearly two hours in the stylists' chair getting most of that hair chopped off. I've been deliberating this decision for years and I'm so glad I finally went through with it. Though it can be a bit difficult to tame due to my naturally wavy hair, the style looks great on me and it's so much easier to take care of.

Hopefully the new 'do will decrease the instances in which strangers think I'm fifteen.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

gift of green

Just a five-minute walk from my house is a small park where people go to jog, bike or take a stroll with friends and loved ones. Most are happy to stay on the paved path, but I endeavor to make each of my visits a true walk in the woods. Upon an incline, a beaten down dirt trail slopes downward into the trees before rising up above the rest of the forest. Here, tufts of green grass grow amid the rock-strewn earth. Tiny dewdrops grace the tip of each bright blade of grass and the rising sun casts its rays at just the right angle. Off the beaten path, I stumble upon the most beautiful sights and it feels like every small wonder is just for me.

mirror mirror

Pensée: A reflection or thought. Comes directly from the French word which means, "a thought."

Just think of all the ways in which our hobbies and interests convey our thoughts of the world.