Friday, October 12, 2012

before and after

I'd intended to post photos of what the house looked like before the remodeling began, but I have so many thousands of images on my laptop that I didn't know where to look for those specific pictures. Tonight, I decided to start organizing my computers' folders and, lo and behold, one of the first files I clicked on contained the very photos I had been searching for.

This was the kitchen before...

And this is the kitchen as of one week ago!

Quite a lot of changes! The kitchen is about double the size it used to be. I'm not usually one to get excited about cooking and baking, but there's so much more space and such shiny counters that I'm already scouring pinterest for tasty recipes to try out once the ovens and stove are installed!

Here's our old eating nook...

This is what that space looks like now:

We'll still put our table back in this space once all of the work is complete. That lovely counter space by the doors will be my coffee and tea bar soon! I can't wait to start making my own lattés again!

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  1. Nice!!!!!!!!! I love it and I bet your mom does too!